The Alabaster Hip

Dear Readers, Marlowe’s story is finally done! The Alabaster Hip will be out June 6th, and is currently available for Pre-Order!


4 thoughts on “The Alabaster Hip

  1. Finally is right! I’ve been salivating in anticipation for far too long. Maggie, you’re now entitled to a nice rest while you think about your next regency series.

  2. HA! Already started on a new series, no rest for the wicked (although I’ve not done much of anything but a bit of edits for the past month or so). Not leaving readers hanging for a year and a half again!! Psyched for a fresh palette, now that Regency Romp is through–not that I didn’t love that world. I am sure some of the favorite players will make an appearance in further books I write. We’ll see what comes out of my brainbox next.

    1. Please don’t let us wait too long! I read all three books in the Regency Romp and found my new favourite writer! Instead of languishing with suffering heroines and stupid heroes, you give us feisty ladies and romance full of laughter. All persons have distinctive characters and I am laughing my way to the sensual part which is so much better then!
      Thank you Ms Fenton, I am waiting impatiently for your next book!

  3. I absolutely Loved this book!! When I finished it, I immediately bought the first two books in the series. Maggie Fenton is a great storyteller and writer.

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