Check out my new website!!

My new website

I have been wanting to consolidate Maggie Fenton and Margaret Foxe into a single website, and it has finally happened! Please check it out. I did it myself on

9 thoughts on “Check out my new website!!

  1. I’ve never written to a romance author before but I have to comment on “The Duke’s Holiday” and “The Virtuous Scoundrel.” Both were such a delight. The characters were wonderful and the dialogue so witty that at times I howled with laughter. Thank you for two enjoyable reads.

  2. The Duke’s Holiday was a fun read. I tried to check out your new website, but it requires signing up for an email list, which I don’t wish to do. You might consider allowing ALL potential readers to view your site freely.

    1. Sorry for your trouble. There is an x in the corner of that email list box that closes it, although it is white and not very visible at the moment. I will try to fix that. But u can certainly access the website without signing up. You can also just click on the website screen outside of the box and the box should disappear. Thanks for liking my books!

  3. I love both books in your romance series. When will you publish the final book? I hope you are working on Marlowe’s story. I really want to know what his secret is and the story behind his wild twins. He deserves a love story like his two best friends.

    1. Hi, Kim, I actually just finished the book. I have just heard that it should be coming out some time this summer!!! Yay! As soon as I know the details, I will be on social media about it!.

  4. Have bought both “The Duke’s Holiday” and “The virtuous scoundrel” as audiobooks as I have a boring motorway journey to work everyday and have never enjoyed a traffic jam as much before! I must have looked like a mad woman on occasion laughing out loud in the car on my own. Am hoping that I soon have the final book in the trilogy to listen to.

  5. Hi, Kim,
    I just found found out that my new book will be out June 6th! It is called The Alabaster Hip, and it is available for pre-order now! Yay! I hope you enjoy it.

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