The Duke is winning a new race!


The Duke is still running strong! Movin’ back up the charts, y’all!
I’m currently #546 in the Kindle Store, #1 in Regency, and # 9 in Historical. This is more than I was hoping for my re-release. And it keeps climbing! It seems the Duke has some sprint left in him after all for his second annual race!!! Thanks to all my readers for giving him a second wind!!!

Update 4/13/15:
Up to #445, #1 & #7! I’m going for top 100 again!!!



9 thoughts on “The Duke is winning a new race!

  1. Hi!I was wondering if this book will be avalable on kobo(Canadian e-book site)? I need to read this book but it’s not avalable in Canadian E-book sites.:(:(.

    1. Hi Camila. I would love to get a spanish edition out there. I will definitely talk to my publisher and see where they stand on it. There is a German edition, but that doesn’t really help, does it? Thanks, Maggie

    1. Hi Shauna, I actually just finished the manuscript of #3 yesterday and sent it to my publisher. Waiting to hear back on dates, but it will be some time this year. You can subscribe to my newsletter on my website,, and I will definitely send out a newsletter when I know the release date!! Thanks for reading!

      1. Hi Shauna! An update on my new book. It will be available June 6th! Yay! It is called The Alabaster Hip, and it is available for pre-order on Amazon as of two hours ago. Just thought I’d share with you!

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