Brilliance Audio Recording of The Duke’s Holiday

OMG I have just received the audio recording of The Duke’s Holiday, and it’s brilliant! The narrator they chose, Sue Pitkin, is awesome! She really brings the text and characters to life, down to the regional accents!!! Super excited! The Brilliance Audio Recording will be available on April 7th, along with the re-release of The Duke’s Holiday.



4 thoughts on “Brilliance Audio Recording of The Duke’s Holiday

  1. Hi Maggie
    How delighted I was to hear that you had enjoyed my narration of your great book! I wish I could take all the credit, but the director, Laura, was the perfect guide throughout and I am so thrilled that, as a team, we did justice to your writing. Thank you for your kind words, regards, sue

      1. Ms. Pitkin did and excellent job narrating this book. Each character was recognizable. I truly enjoyed the experience. I’ve read, and reread, The Duke’s Holiday, many times. and can’t stop laughing. My only wish is that more books were on tape. I’m an old reader and had to give up my hard cover, paper backs and soft covers. It was hard, but they went to a newly opened book store. My eyes have failed me and so I now rely on audio. Unfortunately, not all books come in this format, drat!! Thank you, Ms. Fenton and Ms. Pitkin for an enjoyable read. Thank goodness it was on tape. I will continue to read both of you.

  2. I ADORE this story and the narration is amazing! I’ve had to stop listening to so many books and just read instead…but THIS version – I want to HEAR it and have even sat in my car a few times after reaching my destination because I enjoy it so much. Just wanted to add my two cents! Love the dialogue, the character growth and development, the story….just awesome! Can’t wait for the next story. πŸ™‚

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