The Duke’s Holiday (by Maggie Fenton)

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Regency Romance

The Duke of Montford likes everything to be neatly lined up. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. The one blemish on his ordered ledger is a small unprofitable estate in Yorkshire. An estate which was swindled out of the family 100s of years earlier and will only return to him after the last male descendent of the Honeywell’s, the cads who swindled his family, shuffles off his mortal coil.

When Montford discovers that the aforementioned Honeywell did in fact pass on many years earlier he immediately smells a rat. Someone has been sending him reports from the estate and it’s lack of funds and signing them “A. Honeywell”.

Astrid Honeywell has been managing the estate and the family brewery since she was a child. Unfortunately as a woman she isn’t a legitimate heir and by rights the estate should be returned to the Duke of…

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4 thoughts on “The Duke’s Holiday (by Maggie Fenton)

  1. Aloha Ms. Fenton,

    Just finished your novel, it was the most unusual historical romance novel I’ve read. It was very lengthy & heavy for one, in comparison, to the mass paperback style I’m use to on Amazon, so that alone surprised me, the book was a bit heavy. A secondly, a trilogy was unique as well, so I asssumed that was the reason for the weight. Despite these divergent aspects from the norm, I throughly enjoyed the story of Astrid & Montford, to the point that when it came to the end, I was disappointed that there wasn’t a part 2 of their story. Their progressive relationship was very funny & ultimately adorable, esp the duke’s OCD aspect. I thought the book alone could of split into 2 due to thickness & weight.

    Also, other curiosities of the story could have been extended, like how does Astrid assimilate into Montford’s ducal life in London, she’s so country & he’s so city. Also, what happened to that stalker Lightfoot, I wanted justice done, or what happens to her sisters & the castle, the farm? I want more of this family’s story, just more stories of the characters introduced in this novel. So, hopefully there will be more answers in book 2 and on.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the book was waaay long. It just kept going and going and I couldn’t seem to help myself. 😀 Don’t worry. Book two focuses on Sebastian, but we get to see Montford and Astrid living in London, and a few of the loose ends from The Duke’s Holiday will be answered.

  2. I could not put down this book, I started read yesterday til just finish. Wow I did not realized I did buy this book few months ago but did not have a chance to read til yesterday. I saw too many pages as more than 450 pages, I decide not read . Til now I realized it is so much fun to read, I keep laugh and laugh. This is the best book I ever have, no matter how many pages, you did give a good description of them I love that but still need to know how their fairy take alike twilight saga. I wish you should give out part two part for Montrose and Astrid. Now I can’t wait next book of Sen and Katy. I think k they ‘re very odd couple. Good job Maggie.

  3. I have just finished reading you novel as my Christmas read, as a Yorkshire lass I found it a wonderful read I love your style of writing and how the story bowls along explaining as you went through the story. At first I didn’t think I would like Montford but his grew on me I was giggling through the race with Wesley. I was disappointed when the book ended and I do hope lightfoot gets his comeuppance in your next book which I am looking forward to getting

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